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    Hi all pros. sorry for an inconv. to post this here, but I searched several engines to no avail and you (people in this forum) have far more knowledge then any other forum-posters I&#039;ve seen so far.<BR><BR>ok. I need to know, if fonts that are downloaded to comp and installed do consume memory even if no programs (other then shell) are open. oh, talking bout win-pc :)<BR><BR>any ideas where to find that info preciated also. thx. :)

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    Default In case they are not being

    used then they won&#039;t be using your running memory(RAM).<BR><BR>But yes since they are stored somewhere on your hard drive, so they would be definitely eating some of your disk space.<BR><BR>But if you are worried about it being affecting the processor speed even when they are not in use, then be assured that it will really won&#039;t affect that.

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