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    Default doubt

    sir pz. guide me to ask question on ur site i have tried but it didinot worked<BR>thank u

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    Default simple

    go to<BR><BR>Create a user id for you. That is very simple. The link for creating an account is right there at the top.<BR><BR>Then you will see the names of different forums on your left. Click the forum under which you want to post(ASP related questions will go under the ASP Q & A forum or Advanced ASP depending on the difficulty level of the question).<BR><BR>You will see a "start a new thread" to post a new question. Click on it and you can post your question now.<BR><BR>You must also read this,<BR><BR><BR>~Roy

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    Default LOL. Roy, Roy, Roy...

    He obviously already has an account created and knows that he need to click "Start a New Thread".<BR><BR>Heh.

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    Default How did you ask this one? (eop)


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    spc is nt at a premium u shld uz whl wurdz z much as you cn.

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