As a bit of bed-time reading (its 12:42 AM local time), I was at the MSDN library, and I stumbled across the Function object. (<BR>"And why is this so amazing?" I hear you cry out in bewilderment. Well, this means there is another way of creating functions. To use MSDN&#039;s example, instead of writing<BR><BR>function add(x, y)<BR>{<BR> return(x + y); //Perform addition and return results.<BR>}<BR><BR>You could write<BR><BR>var add = new Function("x", "y", "return(x+y)");<BR><BR>Yet again, I am hearing some of you asking what the point is. Well, this means that there is another way of evaluating a string, which (I presume) is more efficient than the eval() function, another way of making self-modifying code (which programmers, including myself, have always loved to do and preachers of good programming style have said is a very bad thing). The eval() function&#039;s performance currently sucks, because the JScript engine has to run twice (or something like that. Bill can give you exact details if you ask him very nicely). That&#039;s why I only ever use self-modifying code client-side. But now, assuming I am correct and this method is more efficient, I can use<BR><BR>var evalString = new Function("x", "y", someCode);<BR><BR>I would say I am fairly pleased about that.