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    I have an ASP page with VBscript that I have put inside a frame merely to hide the URL. But this "trick" has caused me to no longer have access to my Request.QueryString data. Other than cookies, does anyone know how I could pass the data to an asp file inside an html frameset?

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    Default maybe you have a different problem

    The querystring or post should not be affected by frames.<BR>Right click the frame (in IE) &#062; properties if you want to see the url and querystring.<BR><BR>In some situations you can pass the querystring thur to the inside frame like this:<BR><BR>&#060;frameset&#062;<BR>&#060;frame src="Page.asp?&#060;%=Escape(Request.Querystring() )%&#062;"&#062;<BR>&#060;/frameset&#062;<BR>

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    Default Maybe You should do it with a Form

    You can customize form buttons so that they look like anything. This way the information passed is not in the URL - with POST that is. This way you can do away with the frames. Just an idea.<BR>For security resons the whole frame thing is really not a good idea. Anybody can figure this out.

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