Setting focus to DTC in Visual Interdev 6.0

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Thread: Setting focus to DTC in Visual Interdev 6.0

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    Default Setting focus to DTC in Visual Interdev 6.0

    I didn&#039;t get any answer in the general forum so I&#039;m trying here.<BR><BR>I have a very weird problem. I&#039;ve been using ASP for a couple years, but coding it all directly using HTML-Kit. I&#039;ve started trying to use InterDev to manage a new project I&#039;m working on. I&#039;ve figured out a lot of things that tripped me up at first, but can&#039;t figure this one out. I have a DTC text field on the page. In the window onload event I try to set focus to that text box. And it doesn&#039;t work. If I put a pure HTML textbox there, focus is set fine. And I am able to access that box, I can get it&#039;s value just fine for instance, but I just can&#039;t get: <BR> document.getElementById("user").focus <BR> or <BR> document.getElementById("user").select <BR>to do anything. But this: <BR> alert(document.getElementById("user").value) <BR>works just fine. And so does setting focus to the html textbox: <BR> document.getElementById("Textbox1").focus <BR><BR>I see that there are several methods for choosing a selected option in option groups - but no special methods for setting focus on a textbox. I&#039;ve looked at the output HTML of the page and don&#039;t see anything that would cause problems. Anyone else had an experience like this or know what the issue might be? If your answer is don&#039;t use DTC&#039;s well yeah, I already know, but something that was supposed to be a 6 month project is now supposed to be a 3 month project so I&#039;m stuck letting Microsoft do as much thinking for me as possible. <BR>

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    Default More than likely

    that you&#039;re not getting any answers is because no body ever uses them. And those that do use them, have more problems than anything.<BR><BR>Looking at the DTCs, I don&#039;t see much of an advantage that you&#039;re getting than by doing it yourself. In fact, as you&#039;re finding out, you&#039;re causing more grief than help.<BR><BR><BR>What is the purpose of using the dtc vs using an html box? Or even going as far as writing your own .ocx instead?

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