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    i have a sidebar navigation bar that has it&#039;s links&#039; targets set to an inline frame on the same page. This works fine except when I click "refresh" on the browser. When I do this, it refreshes the page that holds the inline frame, but not the inline frame itself. How can I get the page&#039;s contents (which are in the frame) to refresh along with the page that holds it?<BR>thx<BR>~~Chaotix

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    I have one not too elegant solution. Set a session variable keeping track of what link they click on. When the page loads, if a session variable is set, then dynamically write the source of the inline frame to be whatever that points to. If no such variable is set, dynamically write the source of the inline frame to be whatever your default is.<BR><BR>The tricky part is client/server. Clicking a link to set the source of a frame is a client action - so since there&#039;s no post, how do you set a server side session variable? You have to put a line of code in the pages that will be loaded in the frame like:<BR>&#060;% Session("ClickTarget") = Request.ServerVariables("SCRIPT_NAME") %&#062;<BR><BR>Best I can come up with anyway, good luck.

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