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    How can a file uploaded by a site user be renamed when it is saved onto the server?<BR><BR>Also what functions can be used to allow user to remove ONLY the files that they have uploaded? Should I prefix the filenames with the users username and allow them only to delete files containing their prefix in the filename? or assign each user a directory that can only be saved to or deleted from either by them or the site administrator? Users would probably be uploading images, txt files, pdf files and word documents.<BR><BR>How can I set file extension permissions? e.g. to prevent users uploading .zip or .exe files?<BR>

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    It all depends on the dll you use. some may give you the ability to manipulate the name you want.Else you can do some prefix/suffix to the existing file name.<BR><BR>I would prefer to have one folder containing all uploaded files, by distinguishing them based upon userid etc.. as you said. This will minimise the need to search thru directories at later stage.<BR><BR>I think every dll will give you the ability to filter files that you don&#039;t want. basically it would be a if condition with instr() to check for extensions and then allow it to save.

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