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    I have a very simple Access 2k DB. My problem is that I&#039;m fairly inexperienced with Access and I&#039;m trying to create a report that can be created based on a date range that the user puts in.<BR><BR>There is only one table that has the following:<BR><BR>ID = Primary Key<BR>Code = Unique code assigned (can be duplicated)<BR>Last Name = Last Name<BR>Location = Location<BR>Date = Date that the issue was found<BR>Issue = memo style text field<BR><BR>How would I create a query that can be used to create a report that is based on the date range? Or if someone can direct me to a website that may help or even another messageboard.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance,<BR><BR>Scott

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    ".....where [Date] between #" & StartDateVariable & "# and #" & EndDateVariable & "#"

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