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    Hai All,<BR><BR>Scenario 1: A page displays a list of Names (HTML Text) followed by a list box with each each person&#039;s register number as the selected value along with all the registration numbers in a class. <BR><BR>Scenario 2: The user must be able to change the registration sequence for each student in the class by choosing from the listbox.<BR><BR>Scenario 3: On submit, the new sequences of the registration numbers appear as selected in the listbox against each individual Names.<BR><BR>Does anybody have a logic to make this happen. Please let me know if you have one.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR>Regards,<BR>Vinay

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    Default that can be done..

    but for free code you might have to dig it up yourself.<BR><BR>Try google and do some research.<BR><BR>We can help only if you have done some homework and need further directions.<BR><BR>~Roy

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