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    I have a validation requirement which requires that one of two dropdownlist controls have a value but not both.<BR>DropDownList1 or DropDownList2 can have and must have a value but not both.<BR>I tried using a custom validator but that did not work. Anyone had suck a problem? Did you solve? Can you share your knowledge?<BR>Thanks<BR><BR>PS I pried using PeterBlum&#039;s Group control but that did not work at all.

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    The logic in the custom validator would be:<BR><BR>if (dropdown1.SelectedIndex &#060;&#062; 0 && dropdown2.SelectedIndex &#060;&#062; 0) {<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;//is NOT valid<BR>}<BR>else {<BR>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;//is valid<BR>}<BR><BR>I have used this general logic many times in classic without any problems. And I know this can be done with ASP.NET custom validator as I have seen it, but never had to implement yet.<BR><BR>Post your code if you are still having troubles.<BR><BR>O&#039;Cary<BR>

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