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    hi!<BR>i hope you will test out my mailing list script by logging into :<BR>the output on the webpage will look garish as i have made it show the contents that it is sending.<BR><BR><BR><BR>it&#039;s driving me crazy.<BR>I have 2 pop3 email accounts and a YAHOO account and it works fine with them.<BR>whereas REDIFFMAIL (a web based email service) doesn&#039;t recieve the mail.<BR><BR>i tested by sending a mail to rediffmail using a test message with CDONTS, it does recieve the mail instantly WHEREAS it does not recieve the registration info that the script sends.<BR><BR>any explanation for this really weird behaviour.<BR><BR>rupesh

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    Can you show us the code you are using to send the email?<BR><BR>Are you doing anything different in your registration script for sending the email than you did in sending the "test" message that worked? It would seem something has to be different.

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