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    i&#039;m having a database with some pictures details like id number,description,etc... I would like to ask is it posible in asp for me to display a few pictures and when i point my cursor towards the pic,some info from database will pop out like director?<BR>Bcoz i don&#039;t want to do it like pic on the left and description on the right.i would like my page on display to just have pictures.<BR>please help..thank you...

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    Default You can use the...

    ALT property of the IMAGE tag to show the tooltip data.

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    The Alt tag is a bit lame. I think you may want to have a separate field that when called would display another set of info ON MOUSEOVER. Your imagination is the only limit here. You will have to know some DHTML to pull it off. It is possible but one must ask - is it worth it. Information is information in the end no matter if it is flying across the page or is static text....

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