I&#039;m programmatically adding a checkbox list for each trip through a Do loop. I&#039;m building the checkboxlist object, then I add it to a panel or tablecell using (panel or tablecell).controls.Add(cblObject). Functionally everything works fine, but the checkboxlists wrap all together when I try and lay them out horizontally. For example, the result looks like this:<BR><BR>[] One [] Two [] Three [] Four [] A<BR>[] B [] C [] D<BR><BR>Where A is the beginning of a second checkboxlist. Is there a way to dynamically add a break tag after I add a checkbox so that each one starts on a new line? <BR><BR>Thanks.<BR><BR>Here is my code in case you&#039;re wondering what I&#039;m attempting:<BR><BR> Do While sdr.Read()<BR> sql = "SELECT " & sdr("IDField") & ", " & sdr("NameField") & " FROM " & sdr("TableName") & " "<BR> sql = sql & sdr("WhereClause")<BR> cmd = New SqlCommand()<BR> cmd.CommandText = sql<BR> cmd.Connection = New SqlConnection(Application("connstring"))<BR> cmd.Connection.Open()<BR><BR> sda.SelectCommand = cmd<BR> sda.Fill(tabFilter)<BR><BR><BR> objCB = New CheckBoxList()<BR> objCB.EnableViewState = True<BR> objCB.ID = "cblFilter" & sdr("FilterID")<BR> objCB.DataSource = tabFilter<BR> objCB.DataTextField = sdr("NameField")<BR> objCB.DataValueField = sdr("IDField")<BR> objCB.DataBind()<BR> objCB.RepeatLayout = RepeatLayout.Table<BR> objCB.RepeatDirection = RepeatDirection.Horizontal<BR> objCB.RepeatColumns = tabFilter.Rows.Count<BR><BR> pnlFilters.Controls.Add(objCB)<BR> Loop<BR> sdr.Close()