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    I am currently creating a site using plain ASP running IIS 5. While I don't intend to migrate to ASP.NET immediately, I can see it happening in the next 6-12 months. I am having a new web server built currently, and would like to avoid having to build it again when I migrate. I understand that ASP.NET will run conventional ASP apps, but I can't find an article anywhere on what type of server side software ASP.NET requires. If I want to build a web server today that is designed for .NET, any suggestions on what OS to use? Can I run Win2k Advanced with an IIS upgrade of some sort? Or is there a .NET Server OS which is the desired platform? Do I have options? Any suggestions on where to find a good article? Thanks.

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    Default ASP.NET should run..

    .. just fine on Win2k Advanced.<BR><BR>The .NET Framework is a separate install. You can download it from:<BR>

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    You need IIS 5.0 (on Win2k server or .Net server). <BR><BR>The only extra thing you need is to install the .Net framework (the 21 mb download)<BR><BR>So you&#039;re good to go, and when you want .Net just install the framework.

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