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Thread: DataGrid and DropdownList on Editing

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    Default DataGrid and DropdownList on Editing

    I am displaying name,city,country in the grid from the <BR>employee table.<BR><BR>And Below the grid i am using to diplay the record for <BR>updating .<BR><BR>Textbox for name, dropdowlist for city and country.<BR><BR>on Page load i am binding citydropdownlist with table<BR>(tbl_city) and country as same<BR><BR>On Clicking edit button in the datagrid i need to display <BR>the city and country for that particular employee.<BR>On Clicking the edit button it is not showing the city and country<BR>for the particular employee.<BR><BR>It is displayin the first city and country in the dropdown list<BR><BR>I need help how to retrive the value for that employee i am editing.<BR><BR><BR><BR>I have used <BR>dropdownlist.selecteditem.value<BR>dropdownlis t.datatextfield<BR>dropdownlist.datavaluefield<BR> <BR>with regards<BR>kumaran<BR><BR>.<BR><BR>

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    Default You have to specifically..

    .. find the value in the items collection and select it:<BR><BR>A simple solution is presented here:<BR>

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