How come the "Copy Project" option in VS.NET is always disabled whenever I need to transfer a finished web service on my local computer to my remote web host&#039;s server? (I was always able to use this method to tranfer my ASP.NET projects).<BR><BR>Therefore, I had to copy the files manually via FTP. The files I copied were:<BR><BR>1) myService.asmx<BR>2) myService.vsdisco<BR>3) global.asax<BR>4) web.config<BR>5) bin folder which contains: myService.dll<BR><BR>All these files and the "bin" folder were copied to a folder called MyServiceFolder located at the root of my website&#039;s directory structure. But whenever I try to access the service ( it fails. And it will not display the specific error because it could not locate the web.config (where &#060;customErrors="off"&#062;).<BR><BR>However , when I move the web.config file out of the MyServiceFolder and into the parent folder, and tried it again, it was able to tell me the specific error: "Parser Error Message: Could not create type &#039;MyNamespace.MyClass&#039;." But this means that my web service is still not working.<BR><BR>After some more trial and error, I was able to access my web service. What I did was that I also moved the "bin" folder out of the "MyServicefolder" and into the parent folder (where web.config is sitting). This made everything to work.<BR><BR>The location of my files on the server now looks like this (which is kinda too messy):<BR><BR>1) /web.config<BR>2) /bin/myService.dll<BR>3) /MyServiceFolder/myService.asmx<BR>3) /MyServiceFolder/myService.vsdisco<BR>4) /MyServiceFolder/global.asax<BR><BR>But the point is that I want to be able to organize all of my projects (web service, apps, etc) into their own folders on the server. So my big question is how can I put this web service into one folder such as MyServiceFolder, and make it work?<BR><BR>Is there some configuration/setup file where I can edit the path directories?<BR><BR>My other big question is how come I cannot use the "Copy Project" option to transfer web services to a remote server?<BR><BR>PLEASE HELP! Thanks.<BR>