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    hello all,<BR>newbie qestion that seems as though it should be easy. thanks for your patience!<BR><BR>i have a javascript procedure that returns a string.<BR>i want to pass that to a string variable in my code.<BR>((client side procedure ---&#062; server side variable))<BR><BR>i&#039;m using with VB.NET as the codebehind language.<BR>i&#039;m sure this is a simple one, but i&#039;m stumped.<BR><BR>danka,<BR>--jeremy<BR> oh, and here&#039;s a quick example of the javascript to use an java alert to display the text:<BR><BR>alert(editor_getHTML(&#039;StoryText1 &#039;));<BR><BR>i thought that filling a hidden input field with the text would be cool, but i don&#039;t know enough javascript to populate anything.... again, newbie :)<BR><BR>thanks in advance!

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    Use this to set the value of your hidden field to the string client side.<BR><BR>document.forms(0).hdnHiddenFieldName. value = sVariableName;<BR><BR>Then serverside in the codebehind you would need this before your Page_Load:<BR><BR>Protected WithEvents hdnHiddenFieldName As System.Web.UI.HtmlControls.HtmlInputHidden<BR><BR> Then whereever you are grabbing the value of the hidden field server side you would use this in one of your subs.<BR><BR>Dim sVariableName as string<BR>sVariableName = hdnHiddenFieldName.value<BR><BR>

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