Paging master detail information.

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Thread: Paging master detail information.

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    hi guys,<BR><BR> I have a requirement to display master detail information in paging.Paging size of master record per page should be 1 and all details records should be displayed for that master record. <BR>Normally i have 5 to 6 detail records for each master entry.<BR><BR> I have to display 10 to 15 fields from master table and 5 to 10 fields from detail table.<BR><BR> Can i use datareader for paging?I tried but all in vain.<BR><BR> I am struggling in this couple of days.Please give me some solutions.<BR> <BR>thanks in advance<BR>raj

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    There&#039;s a lot of code involved here. What part are you struggling on? What have you tried and where are you stuck?

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