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    When I try to run My first asp.net page, I&#039;m not able to see WEB form controls (textbox,buttons) though I can see all html controls on page.<BR><BR>If I see the souce code then there is code but controls are not displayed on the html page when you run the project.<BR><BR><BR>Please help....<BR><BR>Thanx<BR>

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    Default That means your web page is not...

    being running by the web server. If the page was executed on the server, you won&#039;t be able to see the server side code in the browser.<BR><BR>So make sure your web page is in the right path meaning it is under inetpub/wwwroot/

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    Default KB Article on..

    .. my site talks about this.<BR><BR>http://www.27seconds.com/kb/<BR><BR>Do a search for ASP.NET articles.

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