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    I am having trouble with the expiry of my cookie...!!<BR><BR>This is my code....<BR><BR>response.Cookies("AuthCode")("User Name") = strUserName<BR>response.Cookies("AuthCode")("Passw ord") = strPassword<BR> <BR>theExDate = DateAdd("m", 12, Now)<BR>response.cookies("AuthCode").expires = theExDate<BR><BR>It will sometimes work but 90% of the time, as soon as i close the bowser, the cookie is deleted..If I go to my cookies folder and it is there, if i go to the properties, the expiry date is 12 months from now which is fine!!!<BR><BR>So why does it delete itself?? Any ideas?<BR><BR>

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    Default Dunno...same thing happens... me at work, with the cookie that this site uses to allow you to change your font size. The other cookies seem to work fine, but that one...<BR><BR>This is with MSIE 6, incidentally. Never had the problem with MSIE 5. You tell me.<BR><BR>

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