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    read = read.txt<BR><BR>What kind of function do I use to insert a carriage return (vbCr) after every 62 characters?<BR><BR>andy

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    Default No function...a loop...

    &nbsp;<BR>&#060;%<BR>istr = read.txt &#039; really? not read.text? unusual<BR>ostr = ""<BR><BR>Do while Len(istr &#062; 62 )<BR> ostr = ostr & Left(istr,62) & vbNewLine<BR> istr = Mid(istr,63)<BR>Loop<BR>ostr = ostr & istr & vbNewLine <BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>Whatever you do, do *NOT* just use vbCR! Virtually no Windows editors can handle files with just vbCR in them. vbLF, alone, will work in wordpad and visual studio and Word (but not in Notepad), but the safest thing is what I showed you.<BR><BR>Do note that this will chop lines in the middle of words. You have to get more sophisticated if you want to chop only on word boundaries. HINT: Look into the InStrRev function.<BR><BR>

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