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    Tony Guest

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    Quick question that I can&#039t seem to get right.<BR><BR>How can I delete a session state cookie on an HTML page?

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    Nathan Pond Guest

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    You mean you want to delete the cookie that holds the session id for that user&#039s current ASP session? If all you are trying to do is close the session with that user. Try using session.abandon in an asp page. Otherwise let me know more of what you are trying to do. I may or not be able to help.<BR><BR>Nathan<BR><BR>P.S. - I believe there is a way for javascript to delete the cookie, but I&#039ve never done it so I don&#039t know for sure. It would take a little research.

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    Tony Guest

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    Hi Nathan,<BR><BR>Thanks for the reply.<BR><BR>What I was setting a session (non persistant) cookie to keep track of timestamps on some encapsulating pages that I was sending down to the browsers. I was getting the IE message that the data on the server was newer that the data in the browser&#039s cache when I tried to run my application again.<BR><BR>I have other session scoped cookies that I did not want to lose so I couldn&#039t just abandon the session.<BR><BR>I did find that java script function.<BR><BR>is is just:<BR>Del_cookie("timestamp_cookie")<BR><BR>whe re timestamp_cookie is the name of the session cookie stored on the server.<BR><BR>This worked like a dream.......<BR><BR>Tony

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