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    I have a custom control. I need to implement the SelectedIndex property and maintain it's state via round trips. I am attempting to use the LoadPostData() method to evaluate a change in a selection. (dropdownlist inherited control) However, this method is NEVER FIRED. I test for it's firing by setting a temporary property, which holds it's initilization state. How to get this property to fire?

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    I expected it to fire every time there was a postback!<BR>I&#039;ve been diging in Mono.net to see how they do things.<BR><BR>for now try<BR>override protected void OnInit(EventArgs e)<BR>{<BR>...<BR><BR>Page.RegisterRequiresPostBac k(this);<BR>}<BR>

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    The thing is this one seems to work :<BR>http://cvs.hispalinux.es/cgi-bin/cvsweb/mcs/class/System.Web/System.Web.UI.WebControls/TextBox.cs?cvsroot=Mono&rev=1

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    Note It is essential that the rendering logic assign the UniqueID to the name attribute of the control as in the following example. The page framework is unable to route a postback event to your control if its name attribute on the client does not match its UniqueID.<BR>

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