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    I want to automatically create folders in a website using ASP. When I try, I get an error message stating "Permission Denied," which is expected. I could open Windows Explorer and change the permissions, but I don't want to leave the permissions open, and it would be a pain to have to do this everytime I want to create a folder, especially since it's supposed to be automated. Is there a way to change the permissions using ASP so I can have write permissions to create the folder, then change the permissions back once the folder is created?

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    Default Think about this one..............

    If your ASP Code doesn&#039;t have permission to *WRITE* to a directory, how would it have permission to *CHANGE THE PERMISSIONS?* <BR><BR>Doesn&#039;t work that way, man.. sorry. <BR><BR>Thats like "I don&#039;t know this guy&#039;s password so can I just change it to something I know?" <BR><BR>What would be the point of permissions. <BR><BR><BR>BUT... you could change the permissions for only your IIS user. what would be the problem with that?

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