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    Hi,<BR>I want to put my database output in textboxes in mij ASPX page. <BR>I used a dataset and filled it with the database record, but everytime when a item is empty i get the following message:<BR><BR>Cast from type &#039;DBNull&#039; to type &#039;String&#039; is not valid. <BR><BR>I know I can build an if statement, but there&#039;s got to be a better way to solve my problem<BR><BR>Please HELP me.<BR><BR>Many thanks<BR>

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    check if the value is null - dbnull is type you can check for.<BR><BR>or use the old asp trick of trimming all your fields from the db<BR><BR>strSummat = trim(&#060;your value from the DB here&#062;)<BR><BR>then if it was null, it will now be an empty string, so just test for that<BR><BR>ten set you input box value to be strSummat<BR>

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