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    I guess this is roughly database related, if not where should I be posting?<BR><BR>I have an asp script that searches several tables in a database based on user inputs. The search works fine but the results are displayed strangely. All the tables are perfect but instead of one below the other like you would expect, the tables are next to each other meaning you have to scroll ACROSS the page to see the tables and then down to see the whole of those tables. Does anyone know why they aren&#039;t just being put one below the other? I&#039;ve tried everything including Break and Paragraph tags but nothing makes a difference.<BR><BR>Is it the ASP or have I got a weird HTML problem?<BR><BR>Cheers<BR><BR>Chris

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    Default the problem is on

    line 55 of your code.......<BR><BR>in other words, without posting the relevant code we cannot help you

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