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    I have a new F50 cannon printer,scanner,fax, and when i scan photos ther are vertical lines running down the photo scaned. what could this problem be? please help

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    Is that the problem has nothing to do with ASP. Try the Cannon web site, or their customer service number.

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    it&#039;s brand new, meaning it&#039;s been in storage for a while. this in turn means your CCDs probably have dust all over them, though in this case they&#039;re probably sealed, there may be some crap in the paper feed (if it&#039;s a fed scanner)<BR><BR>but it still has JACK to do with ASP. ask your CANON (notice, no double &#039;n&#039;) dealer. in fact, why don&#039;t you check your user manual first, since this is a common problem it&#039;s probably answered in the &#039;troubleshooting&#039; section<BR><BR>duh<BR><BR>j<BR>http://www.readthe****<BR>

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