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    The Web Server used by somebody in another continent is a Windows 2000 IIS5. I have control as IIS Web Console (HTTP Web Based Version of Internet Information Services). I need to add new asp files and edit codes, as well as post data to the server. I cannot myself configure the server as it is beyond my Authority and time zone. The above console does not show the files. Hence they are not avaliable for direct editing of codes. FTP is not working at present on this server. I found an option in directory properties of IIS 5 Console where a directory can be made editable and allows to update / upload files directly. However this is not possible from My side of the continent. Also the IE browser does not allow direct pasting / overwriting of codes for HTTP as it is available from FTP. Then how can we use the editable property of a directory properties? <BR><BR>The sole aim is to directly edit codes and upload data files available as input to server databases with added security/passwords from IIS 5 Web Console / IE Browser to the server located in another continent. <BR>

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    why don&#039;t you just get FTP working?<BR><BR>maybe you could do stuff like this with Sharepoint, but a bare-bones IIS installation? nah. you could write a content-management system on the server, but then you have to get it there, of course.

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