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    We have a web application used by a lot of law firms and they would like to be billed based on hourly usage of the app. I can track when the user logs in easy enough, but how can I track when they log out? I know I could always provide a "log me out" link or button which could trigger a dbase update and record the time the user logged out, but what if they just leave the site for another one or just close the browser? Is there anyway to track this? Thanks.

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    Default Session_onEnd in global.asa

    But fair warning, it is notoriously unreliable.<BR><BR>A much better way of billing would be to bill per page-view. After all, if a lawyer wanted to, he/she could hit 30 pages on your site in a few seconds and print them all (or capture them all to his/her local machine) and so you&#039;d bill them for maybe one minute of time, even though that person got 300 times more value than the lawyer who hit just one page but sat there and read it online for 10 minutes.<BR><BR>And the person who hits your site and then has a disconnect (power goes out? network failure?) and as a consequence gets a Session timeout 20 minutes later isn&#039;t going to be real happy with that 20 minute bill for no resulatant value.<BR><BR>So *do* reconsider your billing system. I don&#039;t think time-on-site makes sense either in terms of real-world usage or in terms of what the connection is actually costing you.<BR><BR>

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