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    ...on the same page. I have a working horizontal DataList that displays several thumbnails. For example, when the page is first loaded, all thumbnails are displayed. Then I want the ability to click any of these thumbnails and have its LARGE IMAGE version displayed below.<BR><BR>What I cannot figure out is how to display a single larger image below...and if I&#039;m even going about it the best way.<BR><BR>page looks something like this: <BR>------------------------------------- <BR><BR>thumb 1 -- thumb 2 -- thumb 3 <BR>thumb 4 -- thumb 5 -- thumb 6 <BR><BR>LARGE IMAGE HERE<BR><BR>------------------------------------ <BR><BR>I have tried imgPhoto.ImageURL = myDataList("Photo") but I get error: "DataList&#039; cannot be indexed because it has no default property". I realize I may be doing this all wrong. Any help appreciated.<BR><BR>thanks,<BR><BR>Cameron

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    Default Try the simplest approach

    put your large image in the html context you want it to be in, and then populate the contents of the &#060;img&#062; tag dynamically.<BR><BR>you can feed the image file name as a string into the &#060;img&#062; tag.<BR><BR>perhaps this can be done by adding the runat="server" argument to the &#060;img&#062; tag, and perhaps it will require you to put the &#060;img&#062; tag as the text in a label control. (that might or might not work). <BR><BR>either way, i think that one simple solution is to look at the image file as a string. if you want a more complex solution, wading through always generates the answer for me, it just takes a lot longer to do that.<BR><BR>does this help? if so, i would appreciate some help on my own open question, which you can read at:<BR><BR>

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    It might be easiest to do it with javascript on the client.<BR><BR>Look up the datalist, it doesn&#039;t have a default property to return your field/column.<BR><BR>

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