Hi <BR><BR>I&#039;ve developed a browser based xml editor using javascript/MSXML 4. But I&#039;m wondering whether others have been working on the same. I&#039;m aware of Xopus and a test one on MSDN, but both these are rather buggy and poor at the moment. And client side ActiveX/Windows editors from the likes of Microsoft XDocs, SoftQuad, XmlSpy will put up the cost too much of my projects to buy the licences, and are some way down the line. <BR><BR>So has anyone else done an xml browser based editor. Working straight from a XSD schema without any proprietory tags? <BR><BR>Mainly I&#039;m wanting to get help with the standard functions that for any given node, it tests which nodes can be added above or below, or moved up or down. Crack these scripts and you&#039;ve got an XML editor! I&#039;ve got versions working, but they could be improved. I&#039;m using these scripts so you right click on a node name and you get the node edit options context sensitive. <BR><BR>Regards, <BR><BR>Andy