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    I need som code to make two dropdowns.<BR>I have one table with about 4000 records (SQL2K)<BR>The first combo (cboCountry) is for Countries<BR>Select distinct Country from tbl...<BR>In the second combo (cboCity) I want cities from the country choosen in first combo., like <BR>"select distinct City from tbl... where Country=request.form cboCountry"<BR>The problem is I have to submit the first choise before the second can be performed.<BR>Then I want to have a datalist of names in the chosen city.<BR>Any suggestions?<BR>Best regards<BR>ReidarT

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    Funnily enough, I had the EXACT same problem the other day. A quick search of the forums found this *excellent* post from Bill:<BR><BR><BR><BR>With a bit of tweaking I had my page up in no time!

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