Can i use a include file to close my ASP connectio

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Thread: Can i use a include file to close my ASP connectio

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    Default Can i use a include file to close my ASP connectio

    Im hasking this because i have a error showing up<BR><BR>======<BR>Object required: &#039;&#039; on line 2<BR>======<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>Histo.Close<BR>Playe rs.Close<BR>rsGardien.Close<BR>RS.Close<BR>Team.Cl ose<BR>rsConfront.Close<BR>TeamStats.Close<BR>rsMe mbre.Close<BR>Equipe.Close<BR>Equipe2.Close<BR>Equ ipe3.Close<BR>rsTrades.Close<BR>Membre.Close<BR>rs News.Close<BR><BR>Set rsTrades = Nothing<BR>Set TeamStats = Nothing<BR>Set rsConfront = Nothing<BR>Set Team = Nothing<BR>Set RS = Nothing<BR>Set rsGardien = Nothing<BR>Set Players = Nothing<BR>Set Histo = Nothing<BR>Set rsNews = Nothing<BR>Set Membre = Nothing<BR>Set adoCon = Nothing<BR>Set strSQL = Nothing<BR>%&#062;

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    Default The only reason for that error

    could be, you are closing the object which has not been created yet, or for some reason which has already been freed.<BR><BR>A couple of suggestions:<BR>1) Make your include page an ASP page...myinclude.asp<BR>2) Include this page in your main ASP page at the right place. Make sure the objects have been created before they are referenced in the include file.<BR><BR>You can check that by using this code...<BR><BR>response.write IsObject(ObjectName)<BR><BR>Output = True if ObjectName is an object.<BR><BR>~Roy

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