I&#039;ve created a search page, using full-text indexing. When I search for "Phillip", it returns the correct user names, but when I search for "Phil", it doesn&#039;t return the users named "Phillip". <BR><BR>This is the code that I have tried:<BR>...<BR>getString &= " and CONTAINS( firstname, @FirstName) "<BR>...<BR>getCmd.Parameters.Add("@FirstName" , Request.QueryString("fname"))<BR>~or~<BR>getCmd.Pa rameters.Add("@FirstName", "%" & Request.QueryString("fname") & "%")<BR><BR><BR>Apparently, the wildcard character (%) doesn&#039;t work with indexing, or I am using it wrong, or I am going about this the wrong way. How can I return the records that contain "Phillip" when the search string is "Phil"?<BR><BR>Any ideas?