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    I am developing an application in .NET. I would like to release a trial version of the application so that prospective customers could review it before purchasing. What is the best way to secure a C# application to prevent it from being easily cracked. Pointers to articles, products, or other information would be greatly helpful.<BR><BR>Thank you much!

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    Default Create a web app

    or...<BR><BR>based on this article on msdn<BR><BR><BR>"You can run Ildasm.exe over an .exe or .dll file to determine whether the file is managed. If the file is not managed, the tool displays a message stating that the file has no valid common language runtime header and cannot be disassembled. If the file is managed, the tool runs successfully."<BR><BR>i&#039;m pretty sure a file has to be assembled in .net il to be able to run in .net, meaning i&#039;m not sure if you can run the exe through a cipher and still have it be recognizable as a .net executable which stores a public key so the clr knows how to decipher the code and run the exe. but that defeats the purpose because the ildasm would be able to read the public key and still will be able to disassemble your code.<BR><BR>here&#039;s a product that is an offsite store of who bought your program and where they are using it at and what serial number they are using and how many people are using that serial number, but it requires them to be on the internet. i&#039;d write something like this but you need a static ip at minimum.<BR><BR><BR>but... you can run ildasm and output the il to a file, and edit it (take out socket calls etc), and run it back through ilasm (the assembler) and distribute it for free to everyone. same can be done if you check serial numbers, or a cd, as has shown. you can create a cracked exe for any program no matter what language it was written in, as long as the platform it was written for has a disassembler. what you can do is offer it to people who don&#039;t program, and hope that no one comes along who has ildasm and decides to be a dickhead and rip you off.<BR><BR>good luck

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