Syncing Web data with SQL Database

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Thread: Syncing Web data with SQL Database

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    Default Syncing Web data with SQL Database

    Can anyone point in the right direction here - I know this is pretty common, I just haven&#039;t run accross it.<BR>I have a client who wants to sumit info from a fairly complex form to a database or flat file to the web server - which is hosted offsite. They then want to sync this data with an internal SQL server - there will be many child inserts based on a master record - which cannot be accessed from the web. How is this typically done? I am thinking perhaps with a VB program. Any info on this would be much appreciated. Thanks

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    Default Well yeah i guess

    upload the file to the server and then have your VB app read it and update the db<BR><BR><BR>but i dont understand why your web app cant access the db<BR><BR>

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