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    My question is simple: Am I using Access and ASP efficiently or have I simply created a long way of accessing links???<BR><BR>Access database has four fields:<BR>field 1: link_name<BR>field 2: &#060;frame src=""&#062;<BR>field 3: same as above<BR>field 4: same as above<BR><BR>I have a site that uses frames, let&#039s say four. Frame 1, top, holds the title only. Frame 2, left side, holds the directory-i.e. the links or buttons. Frame 3, horizontal top, under title and to the right of directory - holds a menu for frame 4 or mainwindow. Frame 4 is mainwindow and has, well, mainwindow stuff.<BR><BR>There are only two files to consider, directory.htm and index.asp. Each time a user clicks onto a directory button, the href calls index.asp with a queryString (href=index.asp?about_us).<BR><BR>Index.asp (which actually creates the frames at runtime) receives it and then checks the access database for the query string. If "about_us" exists in the access table, then fields 2 though 4 are placed into their proper places in the frameset and like magic you have a full blown page.<BR><BR>I did it this way because I want users to click on a button in directory.htm and force a new page to load into mainwindow without changing frame 1 (heading) or frame 2 (directory). Only frames three and four should change.<BR><BR>What are your opinions of this? My boss thinks that a call to the database each time a link is pressed will cause the site to run slowly. I have tested the speed of it and it loaded pretty quickly for me. I do, however, feel that my view may be somewhat biased.<BR><BR>

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    Ask your boss to put more powerful machine!<BR><BR>Kidding!!!<BR><BR>The way I see it&#039s always a matter of compromise. Sometimes visually nice web presentations require more Server (and clinet) resorces that is should. Sometimes I as a clinet (when it takes forever for page to load) don&#039t like it, sometimes I forgive it (because it looks real good). Depends, but remember boss is usually not right, but is boss!!!<BR><BR>

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