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    Hey all, this isn't a time-intensive issue, I'm just wondering if anyone can give me suggestions as to how to include attachments (i.e. links to Word docs) into a web page. The project owner originally wanted me to include the ability to have the users put attachments into an existing textarea. I had to gently explain to him why that's not possible. ;-) However, I'm thinking of getting a hold of a third-party file management software package and putting links to the attached documents that will launch the app and doc. Am I on the right track with this or am I missing anything important? Thanks for the input.

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    ...just download a file upload component (ASPUpload or Dundas Upload and allow the client to upload documents. Once uploaded to the server, all is required is that you give a basic link to the document. Not that hard at all.<BR>~~Chaotix

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