Am trying to use Server.URLEncode to encode a url.AM using a function like this<BR>&#060;%# Check_file_filedesc(Server.UrlEncode(Container.Dat aItem("file1").ToString()))%&#062;<BR><BR>and the function is <BR><BR>Function Check_file_filedesc(file AS String) AS String<BR>Dim retval AS String<BR>IF file.length &#062;0 then<BR>retval="&#060;A HREF=../files/" & file &&#062;" <BR>END IF<BR>Return retval<BR>End Function<BR><BR>Now when i output a filename like MY Example.doc it shows up as <BR>My+Example.Doc but when i click the link it dosent seem to find the file..Its finding for a file My+example.doc which dosent exist. How to work around this other than renaming the file