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    Simon Burgess Guest

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    I have a problem where I would like to save some details on a page to a database table. The problem is that there is no save button (I&#039m not allowed to add one either).<BR><BR>The user enters the details and selects a link to take them some where else.<BR><BR>Problem is... how can I trigger the page unload. I know you can detect them client side using javascript, but is there any way to do it server side? I want to invoke a method in an COM component to do the work of saving the data. After this of course, the user still needs to go to the link they&#039ve selected.

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    Jason Miller Guest

    Default May or may not be allowed...

    Just replace your links with save buttons which are labelled like links (ie: "input type=submit name="submit" value=[LINK WHATEVER]"); then you can say something like:<BR><BR>if not isNull(request.form("submit"))<BR> &#039 Do your save<BR> select case request.form("submit")<BR> case [LINK X]<BR> response.redirect [URL X]<BR> case [LINK Y]<BR> response.redirect [URL Y]...<BR><BR>If you&#039re desperate and fiendish, screen shot the page and turn the current links into images and submit off of them...

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