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    i know there&#039;s a lot of places that show you how to page through records (in order) but i don&#039;t want to page through them one after the other. Say i have 20 records in a database, I want to display 5 records on each page and have links to each pages so I can skip to any 5 select i want without having to go through the whole thing in order<BR>does that make sense?<BR>i haven&#039;t seen a code for this on the web yet, if anyone has seen one please point it out for me.<BR>Also I want it to automatically make the pages up for me so I don&#039;t have keep putting in show next 10 records etc on a new page.<BR>yeah thats all.<BR>

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    So if you read the FAQs on paging you know how it works, they usually put a pagenumber in the QueryString (?page=3)<BR><BR>Now the only thing you have to do is get the total pages and to somehting like<BR><BR>FOR i = 0 to TotalPages<BR> Response.Write ("&#060;A HREF=somepage.asp?page=" & i & "&#062;" & i & "&#060;/a&#062;"<BR>NEXT<BR><BR>I think you get the point if you put in some effort

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