Dear Friends!<BR><BR> I request you to bring your attention to a peculiar problem related to MAC machine.<BR> <BR> Actually we have implemented an online store which facilitates the Admin of this <BR> store to print out all the orders which it has received. Order contains various details <BR> like order details,shipping and billing address of the customer,etc.<BR> <BR> The issue with this is, some fields are showing completely bold on the MAC machine but they absolytely perfect on PC or so. <BR> We have used style sheet for this page so as to apply font and other styles dynamically.<BR><BR> secondly, one normal button (&#060;input type="button"&#062;) is not at all visible on the MAC where as it is clearly visible on PC. <BR><BR><BR> I request you all to help me to resolve these issues and solicit your suggestions for the same.<BR><BR> <BR> Thanking you!<BR> <BR> Regards. <BR><BR> Kash..