Hi,<BR>I have an XML file with Calendar info, which is read into a DataSet&#062;DataTable&#062;DataView object and Bound to a DataGrid control.<BR>My problem is this.<BR>Let&#039;s say the user wants to Edit/Delete a particular Row in my DataGrid (DataView) object.<BR>How do I programmatically &#039;link&#039; the row being affected in the DataView to the DataTable where I need to actually make these changes ?<BR><BR>For example, If I did NOT use a DataView and just used a DataSet, I could write something like this:<BR><BR>private void dg_Delete(object source, System.Web.UI.WebControls.DataGridCommandEventArgs e)<BR>{<BR>DataSet dataset = LoadCalendarData();<BR>int row = Convert.ToInt32(e.Item.ItemIndex);<BR>dataset.Tabl es[0].Rows[row].Delete();<BR>.....<BR>}<BR><BR>no problem.<BR><BR>But I don&#039;t know how to do this if the user was using a DataView object instead ?<BR>Make sense?<BR>Any help would be GREATLY appreciated !!<BR><BR>Doug <BR>