Greetings:<BR><BR>I am trying to make a tracking system for oline learners and here is the background and problem.<BR><BR>Background:<BR>In the database I am trying to track the total time a students spends on<BR>one asp page.<BR><BR>When they log in I can track dateStarted and timeStarted and when they log<BR>out I want to track datFinished and timeFinished, so I can get a total TimeSpent on the page.<BR><BR>Problem:<BR>Using the code below I don&#039;t get an error message, but when the user logs out the timeFinished, dateFinished and timeSpent columns in the database are updated for all entries by that user.<BR><BR>For example:<BR><BR>EmID datStarted timStarted datFinished timFinished timSpent<BR>1 2002/12/14 16:05:40 2002/12/17 1:04:39 5<BR>1 2002/12/15 12:05:40 2002/12/17 1:04:39 5<BR>1 2002/12/15 18:20:40 2002/12/17 1:04:39 5<BR>1 2002/12/17 11:07:00 2002/12/17 1:04:39 5<BR>2 2002/12/14 9:00:00 2002/12/14 9:22:00 22<BR><BR>As you can see the timFinished and datFinished is being replaced for any entries by emloyeeID 1.<BR><BR>Any ideas you can give would be greatly appreciated.<BR><BR>SQL="UPDATE MasterSession SET datFinished=&#039;" & Date & "&#039;, timFinished=&#039;" & Time & "&#039;, timSpent=&#039;" & VarSpe & "&#039; WHERE EmployeeID=&#039;" & VarEmp & "&#039;"<BR><BR>Russ