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    I'm using JMail and I need to direct all bounced emails to a particular address, NOT the sender's address. Is that possible???

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    Default Not exactly

    The problem is that you would have two applications reading the same mailbox - fine if the JMail application gets there first every time but if it doesn&#039;t then the sender still gets the bounced emails.<BR><BR>You could do it if you really wanted to but you&#039;d have to take the following things into account:<BR><BR>1) Email replies sent to a different address specifically for JMail. JMail then forwards the ones that aren&#039;t bounces.<BR><BR>2) The application should really be written in VB and not ASP so it can run continuously (well, at intervals) in the &#039;background&#039;.<BR><BR>3) There is no way for sure of telling if something is a bounce. Build up a set of regular expressions that match bounced email text.<BR>

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