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    This question is about the performance of queries in a database that i discussed here:<BR><BR><BR><BR>Th e performance problem may be due to a design flaw discussed in the above post.....or could it just be Access????<BR><BR>When I run queries sometimes they take 5-6 seconds, sometimes they take over a minute. One table has a few thousand records and some of the related tables have a couple hundred. It doesn&#039;t seem right to me that these queries take so long.<BR><BR>I am just doing a prototype right now in Access and will do the actual implementation in SQL Server...and have to ask if these performance issues can be a problem in SQL Server too??<BR><BR>The table that right now has a couple thousand records will have over a million records in the actual DB....with a thousand or so being added every day.

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    Default Indexes

    If you don&#039;t have an index built for every single field that is used in every relationship (either as the PK or the FK), then go start adding them now.<BR><BR>

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    Agreed, you should always do that. <BR><BR>Another thing you might want to do is to &#039;COmpact and Repair&#039; the Access db. When you do a lot of testing (e.g. adding, deleting a lot of records) this needs to be done more frequently<BR><BR>

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