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    I am parsing addresses from a html file. The problem is that the data is not in any specific format. Is there a way to seperate out the address from the data. <BR>ex of the data is<BR>John Doe<BR>123 Westway Ave., <BR>Ste 200,<BR>Dallas, TX 75253<BR><BR>John Doe<BR>c/o Jane Smith<BR>123 Westway Ave., <BR>Ste 200,<BR>Dallas, TX 75253<BR><BR>ABC Inc.<BR>c/o Jane Smith<BR>123 Westway Ave., <BR>Ste 200,<BR>Dallas, TX 75253<BR>Attn: John Doe<BR><BR>Any suggestions appreciated...

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    You give a regular expression a pattern and it finds text based on that pattern. It can&#039;t guess for you what&#039;s right and what&#039;s not.<BR><BR>If you&#039;re trying to extract the data to do something with it, or trying to do something you would normally do manually by opening each file, then you can define several patterns, and start extracting using the most specific pattern or the one whose pattern looks for more data (so that the more general doesn&#039;t cause the more specific to be skipped).<BR><BR>This may be a semi-automatic process... You may need to go quickly over each result to see which one&#039;s incorrect and do that one manually.

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