Grr...blew my motherboard away.

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Thread: Grr...blew my motherboard away.

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    Default Grr...blew my motherboard away.

    Darn it! I recently bought a 1.2 Ghx celeron CPU on ****. I got it saturday.<BR><BR>So I merrily went to install it only to discover that it was another type of slot 370 cpu(tualatin?). So I installed my old cpu back, powered the computer and beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!<BR ><BR>One loooooooooong beep coming from my computer. Meaning memory failure.<BR><BR>...what the ?? So I uninstall a dimm, then the other...install another dimm. It&#039;s all the same.<BR><BR>Then I found out, its my STOOPID CPU fan I had so much problems removing.<BR><BR>To remove the fan I was using my thumb to push down and a screw driver to push the pin out but since the fan it so tightly sit, the screw driver slipped a couple a times, landing on the motherboard.<BR><BR>So there it was, I saw that where the screw driver landed is where the circuits for the dimms were.<BR><BR>$?$?$%?"$?$%"%/ stupid fan! made my scrap my dimms circuits! so now a perfectly working MB has morphed into a completely useless piece of crap!<BR><BR>Guess what I did next...hehe, went on **** to find a new motherboard...compatible with my new CPU this time. oh and....good thing is I threw the fan to the gargage and replaced it with a so-easy-to-install-and-remove-fan, it&#039;s gonna be a joke this time.<BR><BR>LOL...anyway....that was my today&#039;s 2 cents. :)<BR><BR><BR>Eniac<BR>Motherboard "buster"

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    Default Motherboard F**&ker! (eop)


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