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    &nbsp;<BR> any one please send me the answer:<BR> question: how can we create a user defined message box in asp.net using c#.like &#039;msgbox "do u want to delete it now","stop"&#039;<BR> also plz tell me how can we format the bounded field of date?<BR>the datatype of that field is datetype and i want to display only the date in a datagrid....<BR><BR>

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    there is a .net forum you know...<BR><BR>anyway, have no idea what you mean by the first psrt of the question...do you mean something like the Javascript &#039;confirm&#039; <BR><BR>second part, just do<BR>&#060;asp:BoundColumn DataField="date field from your database" HeaderText="Date" DataFormatString="{0:ddd d MMMM yyyy}"&#062;&#060;/asp:BoundColumn&#062;<BR>

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