Hi folks, <BR><BR>I&#039;m using system.data.oracleClient in my application. <BR>I&#039;m passing a input parameters to a stored procedure. The stored procedure should return a ref cursor and other normal parameters (number type). <BR>I want to bind records returned by ref cursor to a grid. The other output parameters to page variables. <BR>Can anyone please tell me how can i acieve this. <BR><BR>------------------ -- Procedure with only one ref cursor otput -------------------------- <BR>procedure PR_Tree <BR>(p_cursor out types.cursorType) <BR>as <BR>BEGIN <BR>open p_cursor for select memr_id, memr_fname, memr_lname, memr_levelid from w_member; <BR>END; <BR><BR>---------------------- Following code works ------------------------------------------ <BR>Sub page_load() <BR><BR>Dim conn as new OracleConnection (ConfigurationSettings.AppSettings("strCon")) <BR>conn.open() <BR><BR>Dim TreeCommand as new OracleCommand <BR>TreeCommand.Connection=conn <BR>TreeCommand.CommandType=CommandType.StoredProc edure <BR>TreeCommand.CommandText = "PR_Tree" <BR><BR>Dim CurParam as new OracleParameter <BR>CurParam = TreeCommand.Parameters.add("p_cursor",OracleType.c ursor) <BR>CurParam.Direction = ParameterDirection.output <BR><BR>dgdTree.datasource=TreeCommand.executeRead er() <BR>dgdTree.databind() <BR><BR><BR>End Sub <BR>--------------------------------------------------------------------------- <BR><BR>------------------------ Actaul Stored Proc ---------------------------- <BR>procedure PR_Tree <BR>(v_memberId W_member.memr_id%type, p_cursor OUT types.cursorType, v_MaxLev OUT W_member.memr_levelid%type) <BR>as <BR>BEGIN <BR>open p_cursor for <BR>select memr_id, memr_fname, memr_lname, memr_levelid <BR>from w_member <BR>start with memr_id=v_memberId <BR>connect by prior memr_id=memr_SeniorId; <BR><BR>select max(memr_levelid) into v_MaxLev from w_member where memr_treecode <BR>like &#039;1.50.%&#039;; <BR>END; <BR>------------------------------------------------------------------ <BR><BR>This sto. prc executed successfully in SQL*Plus <BR>Now how do i retrieve ref cusror and number type out put parameter (v_MaxLev) in my ASP.NET code??? <BR><BR>Regards, <BR>Anoop